Shelter at the field and other works

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Shelter at the field and other works

Unread post by saboo » Wed Nov 15, 2023 6:27 pm

When I was out there looking around, I measured the roof that is need of a few new steel roof panels.

I have a line on the 3 pieces and will try to obtain them before the snow flies. Hopefully they will be very low cost as they potentially are off cuts from another job.

It is not a big thing put every little bit helps.

If people go th the field again it might be useful to bring a pick, a shovel and a rake. Making some short additions to the ditch can help to direct the water off the driven part. Using the pick to loosen or break up some of the high spots allows you to use the rake to help level it off. I know it helped the day I was out there. YMMV.

Even 1 or 2 high spots being cut down can make the difference. If 3 or 4 people are there and there is 1 set of tools, each person can spend a few minutes to do a little bit. It all helps.
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