Transport Canada 2024 Aeronautical Information Manual

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Transport Canada 2024 Aeronautical Information Manual

Unread post by saboo » Fri Apr 05, 2024 9:02 pm

Today I received a notice of the availability of the 2024 Aeronautical Information Manual.

It is a large document. Fortunately it is also available in smaller sections that may be downloaded individually.

There are some changes made for clarity. Of particular interest should be the changes to the RPA section. Notably, Control Line aircraft are particularly mentioned as NOT being classified as an RPA. This means that TC has no interest in them from a regulatory standpoint except to say they are not regulated. This clarification may have an impact on some clubs/associations/fields that have asserted a need to impose restrictions or limits on their use. There is not such a requirement from a TC perspective

The link to the page containing the full new free edition and the indiviually downloadable sections is ... m-tp-14371
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