Notes on Pilot Training

This forum is for new pilots and instructors to help coordinate pilot training.
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Notes on Pilot Training

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Updated November 24, 2019

At present MAAC is allowing three introductory flights to a new flyer provided these flights are conducted by a Club approved Instructor, using a buddy box radio system. After three introductory flights the onus is upon the new flyer to become a MAAC member before additional training flights can be undertaken.

HEFA provides flight instruction for new Pilots as a benefit of being a member. At the moment there are 3 instructors whom I will list below.

Flight instruction for beginners is best when the winds are light so that usually means first thing on Saturday and Sunday mornings (normally 08:00 to 10:00). Our goal is to always have instructors available at that time to be coordinated in this forum. Instruction can be given at other times of course, however it is up to the student to contact an instructor and make arrangements for that.

HEFA has an EFlite Apprentice that is used for training. It has dual transmitter controls ("buddy box") for a stress free learning experience. Several instructors also have training systems of their own. You don't have to fly your own airplane until you are confident with flying the trainer!

Here is the list of current Instructors along with their user names in the forums:

Brian Gray (bdg)
Andrew Smith (for gliders - AndrewS)
Rick MacDonald (RocketManRC)

Rick MacDonald
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