Looking for a trainer

This forum is for new pilots and instructors to help coordinate pilot training.
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Looking for a trainer

Unread post by Derrick » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:50 pm

Hey new to the hobby would like to find an instructor and club to join to learn how too fly also to help blossem my interest in rc flying. Eventual goal is to build and fly my own going to purchase a plane after christmas to start my adventure i think i have finally settled on the one i want lol it is a trainer and hopefully will be able to grow my fleet in time.

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Re: Looking for a trainer

Unread post by JohnF » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:15 pm

An excellent trainer to start with is the Apprentice. Myself and several other new pilots have learned to fly with this plane. This club offers such a plane to learn on as a trainer. This way you can get a real good idea and feel with this plane before you go out and buy a plane.
This club has some very good instructors that can teach flying using the “the buddy box” system. This system makes learning fun without the fear of crashing.

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Re: Looking for a trainer

Unread post by bdg » Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:03 am


We would be happy to help introduce you to the wonderful world of RC flying! Times at the field will be a little "hit and miss" over the holiday season and it really depends on schedules, wind and other weather.

Weekends tend to be the best due to work schedules but of course with the holidays that is a separate matter.

Be sure to post if you will be interested as I would not normally take the trainer to the field... less room for my other planes! Winter tends to be a little more challenging to learn just because of the colder temperatures.... not so bad if you are dressed appropriately.

As for trainers - John is right.... the Apprentice would be my first choice for a beginner, followed by a Timber. Both are available at Mighty Small Cars.... currently a RTF version (with transmitter, battery and charger) for the Apprentice and a BNF (needs a transmitter but has floats and battery) in the Timber. I made these recommendations to someone (maybe you?) at MSC on Saturday. We have many of both in our club (more Apprentices than Timbers).

If nothing else, pop by the field and chat with our members. We would be thrilled to discuss the hobby with you!


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