Users of the HEFA forum must abide by these rules and guidelines!!
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1.1.0 Forum Monitoring
When using the HEFA Forum, all Club members/guests, are subject to monitoring and any offensive postings are liable to be deleted, without notice, by the HEFA Directors.

1.2.0 HEFA Forum Usage
When logging onto the HEFA Forum, all Club members/guests are subject to a user agreement for the forum. Club members/guests are reminded that foul and obscene language is not tolerated in any way, and members/guests are not to engage in offensive verbal matches of any sort with any other Club member/guests through Forum posts.

The following items are considered unacceptable on the HEFA Forum:
1.2.1 Offensive Language directed at staff or other members/guests.

1.2.2 Pornographic links or material of any kind.

1.2.3 References or links to any Illegal activities.

1.2.4 Posts that are considered as non-contributory to the general well-being and morale of the HEFA Club or any other MAAC Sanctioned Club.

1.2.5 Posts that are of a political or religious nature.

1.2.6 Posts that degrade or exploit persons.

2.1.0 Other Forum Rules
2.1.1 Comments of a derogatory nature, which are deemed offensive by HEFA Directors, could result in the removal of the offending Club member/guest from the Forum without notice. This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks on HEFA members, their guests, family, or friends.

2.1.2 No HEFA member or guest shall post flying safety concerns of any kind on the Forum. If you have flying safety concerns, bring them to the HEFA Directors so the Directors can deal with them in due course and with due diligence.

Posts of this nature will result in the immediate removal of said post(s) from the HEFA Forum. If this continues, the offending Club member or guest will be removed from the Forum and their ability to make further posts will be blocked.