CC3D as a airplane stabilizer and more

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CC3D as a airplane stabilizer and more

Unread post by RocketManRC » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:47 pm

I've been using CC3D flight controllers with OpenPilot firmware on my FPV 250 Quadcopters for racing and I've been very impressed with them. A few months ago I had the bright idea to try one as a stabilizer in an airplane as it is supposed to support fixed wing aircraft too, however after a lot of wasted hours I couldn't get it to work at all. It wouldn't drive the servos properly.

Brian Gray posted this topic a few days ago which caused me to try it again:


I used the CC3D Mini this time and the LibrePilot firmware and it worked great. There could have been something wrong with the board I was using previously or maybe it's the change to LibrePilot but in any case this setup works.

So what is the big deal? Well for around $20 you could have autoleveling on a switch for all those hard to launch aircraft and ones that are easy to loose orientation. And my first tests with the Bixler showed it could even land itself with the power off!

Of course this is not proven yet so I am going to do a lot more testing and will post the results here.
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