Great prices on Cobra and Scorpion motors

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Great prices on Cobra and Scorpion motors

Unread post by JohnOSullivan » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:04 pm

For those who have not used Cobra or Scorpion motors they are amongst the best engineered motors available. Innovative Designs stock them and seem to be switching to their recently introduced BadAss systems. They are clearing their Scorpion and Cobra motors at a give away price.
I use Hyperion motors (now discontinued) in my sailplanes. These were closely aligned with Scorpion and have proven to be the best motors I have used. I know that Billy regards Scorpion amongst the best there is and you know that Billy does not settle for anything but the most powerful.
Innovative is at ... ssspecials
I have dealt with them in the past for my Free Flight Cobra motors and found them to be first class.
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Re: Great prices on Cobra and Scorpion motors

Unread post by retiredVTT » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:22 pm

Hey Johnney...thanks for the kind words,,!

Yes, the US Scorpion guy, (Lucien Miller) is now the proud owner and distributor of BADASS motors and ESC's; so he's been clearing the Scorpion stuff. Stock is limited and he is down to 70% off with a further 10% for this Black Friday thru Cyber Monday weekend. I got a few items in my cart waiting to bounce on Friday.
Sale motors are mostly Cobra ones designed for Multicopters but Lucien tells me that some of these will perform in small planes especially if you happen to want to go f-a-s-t....not sure what he's referring to there..! These little motors can handle some large amp draws and are quite rugged.
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