"BAD ASS" motor chart from Innova8ive Designs website

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"BAD ASS" motor chart from Innova8ive Designs website

Unread post by retiredVTT » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:11 pm

Here is a great example of the info one can "gleam" from the Innova8ive Designs website, distributor of the Bad Ass line of RC motors.

I'm using a 3520-790 BadAss motor in an Edge540 model put out by Tower Hobbies. I'm using a 5S lipo pack and an 80 amp ESC.

Looking at the performance chart for this motor on 5S, using a 10/7 prop, here are the specs:

Motor will draw 47 amps, using 885 watts, pitch speed will be 82mph and thrust will be 89 ounces.

So I tried this combo, and found the takeoff run to be disappointing (slow).

Changed the prop to a 12/8 and did a quick pit check and saw that amp draw was now over 80, watts were getting ridiculous (1600)

( the better prop would be a 12/6, chart shows amp draw of 70, with watts at 1300)

Next flight with the 12/8 prop, much better, able to scoot done the runway, up, up and away..! (but stay away from full throttle for now)

Back to the chart using a 12/6 prop ...."thrust" would be 139 ounces instead of the 89 ounces using the 10/7. Speed drops from 82mph to 65mph.

The lesson here is paying attention to the Thrust number as that's what gets you thundering down to runway and climbing up, up, up..!

If you have followed me this far ...check out the last prop listed on the chart ...it's a 12/6/3blade and the numbers look "real good" (check it out)

Link to the Chart.... https://innov8tivedesigns.com/pub/propc ... -Specs.htm
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