Programming the Spektrum AVIAN Esc

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Programming the Spektrum AVIAN Esc

Unread post by retiredVTT » Tue May 17, 2022 1:38 pm

I have had two occasions in the last year where I have felt the need to get into the program of the Avian esc from Spektrum. With the help of members of RCGroups, I have accomplished this task.
I've put together the following that might be of assistance to others

Programming the Spektrum AVIAN ESC: (bf 5/17/22)

A video has been posted online showing how you can activate the menu for changing the parameters of the AVIAN (Smart) esc.
Here is the link:
(the important part of this video starts at the 23 minute mark..!) There are a couple "caveats" that must be done before the system will allow the Transmitter and the Esc to "talk" to each other.

1. The elevator and aileron trims must be at their zero positions
2.The system should NOT be on SAFE mode.
3. The Elev/Aileron sticks must be set to 100% movement.

The next step is to turn on the Tx, connect a battery to the model and allow the system to go through it's start up mode.
You now have roughly 20 seconds to move the Tx scroll wheel to the far right where you will see the AVIAN esc listed and you click the roller which gets you into the esc menu. If you are longer than 20 seconds doing this step.....just disconnect the model battery and reconnect to start again.

The following info will appear on the Transmitter screen:

Step1 - move Tx sticks and hold 5 to 10 seconds
Low Throttle, Up Elevator, Left Aileron

Step 2 - Low Throttle, Up Elevator, Right Aileron

Smart Esc menu will appear with the following parameters:

Flt Mode - Fixed Wing
Brake Type - Disabled
Cutoff Type - Surge
Lipo Cells - Auto Calc
Cutoff Volts - change to Disabled (not 3.4 volts per cell; this setting is too high and causes partial shutdown of motor)
Bec Voltage - 6 volts
Startup Time - Normal
Timing - 5 (comes set to 15, change to 5 to reduce esc and motor heat)
Active FW - leave Disabled
Gov Gain - leave at level 1
The above list of parameters are CHANGED by using the Elevator/Aileron stick.
Move the stick vertically to proceed up or down the list...move the stick horizontally to make a change.

When done Exit and Save.
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Re: Programming the Spektrum AVIAN Esc

Unread post by bdg » Mon May 23, 2022 7:45 pm

Thanks for sharing Bill...! Something to bookmark for sure!

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