MAAC and Transport Canada - June 1, 2019 Updates

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Re: MAAC and Transport Canada - June 1, 2019 Updates

Unread post by saboo » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:45 pm

So if we need to contact the Controlling authority, we should prepare a list of all the control towers in Nova Scotia and bordering provinces. That list should include the tower phone numbers.

Then the process should be, every time before we launch, we call the tower and request authority to do so. So after 10 flights and their corresponding phone calls from a single flyer maybe they will say don't fly. Then we can start a formal appeal.

Other wise call every day that flying activity is taking place we make a single call and advise that flight operations will be taking place all day.

The towers will either get really annoyed with us following the rules and call TC for clarification, or they will just deny us permission to fly. Either way an avenue for appeal is created.

Alternatively a written request be made to the relevant tower for a given location, indicating that flight operations may be taking place every day until the end of the year. Please give us permission.

I have tried to plot the various airspace restrictions. It is very complicated with overlapping circles and boundaries. Ironically the point regarded as the centre of an airport is not always where it seems. Shannon Park is almost 6 km from the designated point that is regarded as Shearwater. Point Pleasant Park is more than 5km from the designated point at Shearwater as a further example.

This all goes to show bureaucrats the rule of unintended consequences. TC wants you to contact the controlling authority. The controlling authority does not want to deal with the "requests" from the controlled persons. This is particulalrly so if for example I start calling Moncton Centre about flying in Baddeck. Or do I call Port Hawkesbury or Sydney? Neither likley want to be bothered.

And does the MAAC exemption mean I am exempt from requirng the TC license yet am required to call a Tower?
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