Field Starting Stands - Various Plans

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Field Starting Stands - Various Plans

Unread post by saboo » Sun Mar 17, 2024 2:56 pm

I have noticed some nice designs for Starting Stands or Run-Up stands at some fields around the province. Of course some are newer than others and still others can use a bit of TLC. Some might need to be replaced. To help any one who might wish to contribute, google found some plans for us. The files attached are variations on some standard versions.

The one with angled side legs and similarly sloped wing stops, overcomes an issue found with the tables tipping forward with large planes or lots of thrust.

If you decide to build one or 2 choose the version you like best. Most people use Pressure Treated Wood. If you choose to add wheels for ease of moving, watch for lawn mowers on garbage day in your neighbourhood and select the one with the largest wheels to be the donor.

The Run-Up-Stand-Normal seems to be very popular and very close to the AMA approved version.

The Large Starter Bench 2019 is a variation of the Run Up Stand-Normal to correct the tendency for it to tip forward with larger planes or heavy weights on the side tables.

You may wish to make a variation which is smaller or larger to accomodate the size of planes you have. The things you might change are the distance between the uprights that act as wing stops, the angle of the legs to resist tipping and the overall height of the table.

When building think of the effects of weather. Maybe a small space between the top boards so rain runs off. Maybe BlueSkin on top of the cross members that support the top. This prevents water from being trapped between the wood surfaces. Possibly use stainless deck screws to limit the effects of corrosion on the wood. Scraps of carpet provide replaceable padding on the uprights. Apparently some birds peck at foam such as pool noodles to use for nesting materials. So unless you want to contribute to a nest, you might want to stay away from foam.

Some people add side tables for a flight box or transmitter. Side tables can optionally be at the same height as the table or set lower as some plans show.
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