One less fool on the road

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Tord S Eriksson
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One less fool on the road

Unread post by Tord S Eriksson » Tue May 01, 2012 11:31 am

My friend KG was driving his bus as usual, when a girl got off the bus and walked to
the nearby zebra crossing and pressed the button and the light switched,
after a few seconds, to red so my friend glided up to the light and stopped.

There was a traffic island at the zebra crossing, in the middle of the road,
so my friend with his 18 meter long, articulated, bus filled the space very
effectively, but to his amazement a pickup truck pressed past his bus,
over the island, and in the progress smashed into the rear-view mirror, and
almost run over the girl, and disappeared round the next corner.

Very unusual incident indeed, but not unknown to us bus drivers. But what
happened next was clearly very unusual indeed, as a few stops further up
the road the very same truck parked behind my friend, and the driver
got out, and walked up and said:

'It was you that collided with me earlier, wasn't it?!'

My friend said that was so, and asked if they should finish the business then,
and there, to which the guy agreed, more than willingly, as he had a slightly
scratched door on his old truck. 'That's OK', my friend said, as he already
called the police.

And after a few minutes the police arrived, and the guy readily agreed to
the facts, as he wanted compensation for his scratched door. Willingly the guy
admitted to leaving a scene of accident, running a red light, and
in the progress almost running over a pedestrian on a zebra crossing.

The police did their duty confiscated the guys driving license, then
and there, plus informed the lad that he will have to face criminal
charges at a later date, just because he wanted a little something
for his scratched door!

Some are born idiots ....

PS This is a totally true story - my buddy told my just a few hours afterwards,
and it happened just a few weeks ago!