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Opening on the Canadian F5J Team

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:35 pm
by CF Av8or
I was asked to post this by Fabien Gagne:

Last minute opening in the Canadian F5J Team

Attention to all Canadian sailplane pilots. This is an invitation to join immediately the team to represent Canada at the next F5J World Championship in Trnava, Slovakia this coming August.

The team is almost complete, with David Webb (British Columbia) and Jean Dorais (Ontario), needing just one more pilot to complete the national delegation. This is a last-minute opening as both our third pilot and alternate pilot had to bow due to work commitments.

There is limited financial support from MAAC and F5J Canada, so interested individuals are expected to assume the majority of their expenses, and have a sufficient number of models for a world championship event. We’ve estimated the net costs being approximately 4000$, besides your equipment.

Dates :

All registrations by : April 30th (yes, two weeks from now)

Pre-contest : August 7-9

World Championship August 10-18

A WC is an amazing experience that you will remember forever.

Please contact as soon as possible.

Re: Opening on the Canadian F5J Team

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:55 am
by JohnOSullivan
How things have changed!!
I flew for Ireland in the 1960 Free Flight Power World Championships in England.
Train and Ferry cost was 6 pounds ($18) and registration and accommodation at the contest was 6.5 pounds ($20). Models costs were about 20 pounds ($60).

Take today, $4,000 travel and registration
Three models at $3,000 each plus support gear (another $1,000)
That's $17,000 for a start.

That's for F5J Electric Sailplane.
I have checked for the Free Flight World Champs in October in California an costs are similar. (yes, FREE FLGHT is still flown internationally at World Champ level)

No wonder we cannot put together a full Sailplane team.