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Re: T-28 USAF for ASIF!!

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:39 pm
by Enforcer
I know, you know... but I feel the need to warn you anyway... soldering irons get VERY hot and you can get burned (it seems) even when you are careful. So, be "extra" careful Asif! ;)

Oh, here's another warning... foam melts VERY quickly when heat is applied to it... from say... a soldering iron! ;)

Re: T-28 USAF for ASIF!!

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:57 pm
by asif
Hi Murray,

Yeah...hmmmmm... well - Greg made it look so easy -- the batteries are done -- maybe I should practice on something else other than the proper ESC in the T-28....

hmmm...I know my soldering gun is not very good -- it's a powerful one that an old friend gave me -- but I think it's TOO powerfull.....and maybe broken -- Ive NEVER had any luck soldering....

maybe I'll wait and bring it with me when I come next...

besides -- its lookin bad this weekend, eh? It may be a building weekend!
I have this little light kit that I bought for my unbuilt cessna last year --- they sure would look nice on the T-28....hmmmm...
I can feel my scale/weathering/detailing habit start to resurface!!! :geek: :roll:
!!! I may be modding this thing before it's maiden!! Ha ha !!

but I think I'm going to keep that old soldering gun far from the T-28 for now....