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Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:07 pm
by Leesureman
Hello everyone
I am not new to RC. Off and on I've been enjoying the hobby for over 40 years now. My main focus has been building, and flying mostly glow airplanes, but lately I have been thinking hard about getting into sailplanes.
Have had experience with high start launched Ro 8, 2 meter years ago, but now I'd like an electric powered thermal 2-2.5 meter kit to build over the winter, but am also looking for a airplane to do a little slope soaring.

As for a site, I've read Lawerncetown is where some of the locals attend, but am wondering if there is a decent slope soaring site that anyone is aware of closer to the Annapolis Valley, where I presently live.

Anyways, it's great to know there's a group of electric focused flyers to share information with locally.

Glad I found the site.

Kerry Lees

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Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:54 pm
by bdg
Welcome to HEFA!

We do have a contingent of glider-focused members. An occasional thermal can be found at most of the local fields - to the point that you need to force the plane out - but you are correct that there is a concentration of slope soarers who frequent Lawrencetown. It is what I would call an entirely different experience as the plane is held in the air with the updraft of wind from the hill and sea breeze. There is a fun fly this Saturday which will draw pilots from well outside of NS so you might want to consider that in your plans. All participants need to be approved and have a valid MAAC membership.

As for slope soaring in the Valley... I am not familiar with any other MAAC approved sites specifically in that area. There are certainly clubs in the Valley, including Avon and the Wings of Wellington (among others) and I am sure that you would enjoy. Certainly we are welcoming to gliders at Shannon Park as well. I have a Radian and Radian Pro which are great on the more "beginner or perhaps advanced amateur" side of the gliding experience. Other members have planes much larger which are electric and still within our 6 lb field weight limit.

The hobby has so much to offer.... as you know!


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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:47 am
by Leesureman
Thank you Brian for the information.

A little to short of notice for this weekend at Lawerncetown, but I will definitely try to make it out some time before fall. Forgot to mention in my intro that I also have been flying electric wings, (slingers, pop wing, and Fury wing), as well as rigging a Volantex Ranger 2000 for FPV. The electrics have got my interest for now, and it's nice to know there's a local dedicated club for the hobby.

Have a great flying weekend.


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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:28 am
by AndrewS
Hi Kerry

It is too bad you can't make to the 2019 Slopefest at Lawrencetown this Sat. It's a lot of fun with a great bunch of people.

The Ro8 looks like it would have been a good machine. How much time did you have with sailplanes...would you rate yourself as beginner, intermediate etc?

Brian mentioned the Radian, a foam ARF 2m sailplane that is great for both beginners and advanced flyers alike. The association has one as a sailplane trainer. If you are interested in taking a look or trying it, drop me a pm or email (use the links on the left) to make sure I will be around and have it with me.
Kits are few and far between these days, and balsa ones getting even rarer.

Are you looking to build from scratch, and are you looking for a RES (rudder elevator spoiler) or full house ( aileron elevator rudder flap).
If a scratch build RES, I can recommend the MayFly 2m e-RES, designed by HEFA member John O'Sullivan.
The Mayfly is the little one. The big one is John's new 4m full house e-Pulsar.
The Mayfly is the little one. The big one is John's new 4m full house e-Pulsar.
He is currently away in Ireland til Sept. but he may pipe up if he checks in. I'm not sure if he has finalized the plans and instructions. PS: John, I still want a set myself.

A few well regarded laser cut 2m electric RES kits are available from Hyperflight in the UK. ( ... 5J+Soarers), check the PicaRES evo, the AndREaS Elektro and the X-RES Elektro.
The Introduction (REF) and the Inside(full house) are also rated as good builds and nice flyers bur are a bit bigger than the 2-2.5m range at 2.9m.
John O'Sullivan and I have both purchased stuff from here. I believe John will agree that their shipping is prompt and their service is second to none.


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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:35 pm
by Leesureman
Hi Andrew
I wish I could come out, but I've got a roof project to finish, and my additional labor (my boy's) have been scheduled. First time in a month with good weather, they are all available.

The RO8 was years ago, and a buddy of mine, and myself both used a single high start stretched as far possible to launch. Worked great, and we had a ball with just rudder, elevator for control. Had a tough time some days, getting it down. Back then I built everything like a tank(there was no CA), despite that it flew great, and I finally ended up giving that airplane away after years of flying.
I am certainly no expert with thermal sailplanes, or slope flying, so I'm looking for all the information I can get.

Now I would like something with electric drive, full house (preferably flaps over spoilers), thermal capable, and if possible in the form of a kit. I love to build, but not scratch build, and that's unfortunate, because like you said, it's hard to find any kit's like what I've described on the market.
The Pulsar looks great, but all that carbon must come at quite a price. My wife's already shaking her head about this new hobby direction I've taken.

It's interesting you mentioned Hyperflights store, in that my search has shifted to Europe for the finer, more crafted models. They were one of the dealers that came up in my search.
I'll look at those kits you referenced, and appreciate the information.
I've also found a kit in the size I'm looking for (Aeronaut Triple Thermic) from Hollein, but I'm not sold on V tail, and spoilers. I personally like the idea of flaps.

Again thank's a lot for the information Andrew.

Have a great weekend of flying.


Re: Hello

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:39 pm
by AndrewS
no problem Kerry. Happy to share.
Hollein has a good rep too.