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Drone player

New postby jsun on Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:01 pm

Hi everyone,
My name is Jiayu Sun. I've been living in Halifax for four years and just finished my commerce degree in Computing and Information Systems at SMU. My main hobby is to play RC models. I played a couple helicopters before and have basic flying skills. I left my helicopters in China and have been missing them. Recently, I bought a drone to get myself into the sky again. The flying experience has been great. The drone could take amazing photos and videos for this beautiful city. Are there any drone players? I've been flying it by myself and is hoping to meet more RC friends in Halifax. My interest is not just on drones and helicopters. I will enjoy all different kinds of RC models that could fly in the sky.
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Re: Drone player

New postby retiredVTT on Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:54 pm

Hi Jiayu,

Welcome to our website..!
Yes, we have several members that fly "multi-rotors" and "quadcopters, etc. We let the military handle the "drones"..!

We also have members who use these machines in a commercial venture and have the required SFOC permits.

Our flying is done mostly from the Shannon Park field in Dartmouth, on weekend mornings from 7am to noon or later, depending on the winds of the day.

Hope you can make it to the field soon.

Bill F.
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