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Transatlantic Autonomous Sailboat Challenge

New postby JohnOSullivan on Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:30 pm

In 2003 the late Maynard Hill flew a 6 foot model using an Autopilot, from Cape Spear in Newfoundland to Clifden in Co. Mayo in Ireland. This was long before the development of the sophisticated autopilots of today. the track of the model was updated on a 2 hourly basis and I spent much of the night watching the progress. It landed within a hundred feet of the first Transatlantic flight in 1919 by Alcock and Brown.

Now the boat people have got into the game with the Microtrans Chalenge. They have attempted this over several years but no one has succeded yet.
There are two models (<2.5 metres long) curently making the trip and one is approaching the Shetlands its final Goal. The second is a Model from Dalhousie University which has more recently started and is making good progress.
The details are at

and there is a link to the progress of the boats.
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