Messerschmitt Me 109G 205 inch 50% scale 264-pounds

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Messerschmitt Me 109G 205 inch 50% scale 264-pounds

New postby rhyneheimer on Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:04 pm

(VIDEO) - pretty awesome - scale-wise, just a bit more than twice the span of the St. John guys' slope glider
"Belgian giant-scale modeler Hervé Ferauche certainly believes that “bigger is better”: his Messerschmitt Me 109G “Rote Sieben” is a half-scale beauty with a 205 inch wingspan! A 520cc Hirth Boxer engine and 39×18 prop power this 264-pound fighter, sporting a color scheme from the European front. Built using traditional wood construction, we think Willy would be proud of Hervé with his 50% scale Luftwaffe legend!" ... erschmitt/

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