Hex vs, Quad

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Hex vs, Quad

New postby bdg on Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:44 am

I have been venturing into the world of multicopters for a while now. I have experienced the loss of a motor (bullet connector which came apart) and the immediate crash of a quad. One of my main reasons for considering changing a F450 Quad to a F550 Hex related to the extra redundancy afforded by the additional motors / props.

Well, that was tested yesterday when one of my props completely broke apart in mid-air. I saw the two pieces of the prop leave the UAV from a very gentle hover at roughly 6'-8' in height and a distance of maybe 30' in front of me. I also just noticed the UAV shift in pitch for a very brief moment and immediately recover. No spiraling; no adverse problems at all. I gently brought the multicopter back to the ground and only then noticed the gravity of the break... both blades broke right at the hub.

To say that I am impressed with the DJI hardware and their programming for a lost prop would be an understatement. The many hours we might have successfully piloting a vessel can be "thrown in the air" when a critical system component fails. On a plane (as we know), this is most typically the elevator; on a multicopter it has to be a motor/prop.

That extra redundancy of the hex really shines! :D

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Re: Hex vs, Quad

New postby RocketManRC on Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:51 pm

That's very interesting Brian. I have tried many different controllers over the past few years and now trying out the NAZA with an oldy but goody quad. As you say, very impressive.
Rick MacDonald
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