COWL Supplier in the UK

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COWL Supplier in the UK

New postby retiredVTT on Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:12 pm

Link to a supplier of quality Fiberglas and Carbon fibre cowls, landing gear, and accessories. ... ry&path=60

Today I received a fiberglas cowl for a long out of production GWS Formosa2, and the quality and fit is superb! Dealing with currentcy exchange and shipping from aboard resulted in this medium to small cowl coming in at $50.00 Canadian; however holding it in my hand I'm reminded of the saying "no one ever regrets buying quality."

This cowl was ordered to replace the chincy super thin and crinkled cowl that came with the foam formosa2 kit. This kit was built as a slope flyer and it failed at that on the weekend, resulting in a fuselage snapped in two at the precise place where the wing bolts on.

So, although the original cowl survived, with this new fiberglas and gel filled cowl I'll be motivated to reconstruct the fuselage and get this model powered by a decent electric motor.

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