HEFA Field Renewal - 2018

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HEFA Field Renewal - 2018

New postby bdg on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:59 pm

Just to let everyone know - we are in the final stages for our field renewal at SP which will extend our lease to June 30, 2018!!! This deserves special recognition and thanks to Gary Foster. We've signed the agreement, paid the fees, and now are just waiting for the final paperwork from Canada Lands. We are hoping for this to be fully executed before the Christmas break - but for now - and most importantly - we continue to have permission from CL to use this site and therefore are compliant with MAAC requirements.

There are a few requests associated with the lease extension. These are not significant changes to our normal operations but are points that everyone needs to be aware of in our day-to-day fun and which really are a result of quadcopter activities as noticed by CL (and they recognize that these people are not likely our members):
(1) No flying over the new trail extending from the school to the water. They do not want pedestrians to feel "overwhelmed" by overhead drones. This makes a lot of sense and is quite a ways out from our flight line and would never be frequented by our members.
(2) No flying over the old buildings. This is an area well behind our flight line, previously sought after by glider pilots seeking the elusive thermals from the black rooftops. We will need to avoid this area.
(3) Minimize flying directly over the school. Our club has always tried to emphasize diligence with our membership in flying when the kids are out.... and our members have been excellent in being safe and professional in this regard. This new request / requirement expands on this and we need to do our best to keep a tight circuit.

I see 2018 as a great year for our club! We will still be able to fly off the snow with skiis / floats / big wheels / float planes / helis / hand launches. As spring approaches, we will strive for an increased number of BBQs and (TBD) maybe more activities with membership involvement. Training for new pilots - a safe introduction into the hobby - will remain a priority. Remember to speak up with your thoughts - so that our club remains vibrant and meets the needs / expectations of our members! And remember that many hands make light work with any of these initiatives!!

Oh! And don't forget that MAAC and HEFA memberships are for the calendar year and expire December 31. Don't forget to renew!! MAAC is very easy online and HEFA dues ($50) can be provided to any of the directors (Chris H, Bill F, Andrew C, Gary F, John L, Brian G). We really need everyone to support this effort.

Let's continue with our safety, professionalism and enthusiam with this FANTASTIC club into 2018!!!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns!


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Re: HEFA Field Renewal - 2018

New postby JohnOSullivan on Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:34 pm

Glad to see that we are still negotiating on a positive basis with Canada Lands. We have in the past been good tenants and in many ways have been a positive influence on the Shannon Park site.
We, unfortunately have no control over the maverick rebel multicopter operators who use the site from time to time and it is some consolation that Canada Lands recognises the fact that they are not within our mandate.

As for flying over the area previously occupied by housing, I guess I am the one mostly involved with this. I do it because it keeps my sailplanes out of the usual circuits of the powered planes as sailplanes are difficult to fit into normal flight patterns flown by powered aircraft. I firmly believe that flying over the old housing area is the safest way to fly sailplanes and presents no hazard whatsoever. What harm would it cause> There has never been an occasion where we have had to land in that area, and even if we did, what harm could be done? I would suggest that we explain this to Canada Lands and request permission to allow access to this area for sailplane flight.
I fly in that area for safety purposes and to allow as little interference as possible with the normal powered flight traffic as possible.

If anyone can give a realistic reason why flying over that area is a danger to anyone or anything I would be willing to consider it.

I would like to meet with representatives of Canada lands to explain my reasoning for flying in the former housing area and to listen to their reasons for putting the area off limit. With 67 years of model flying experience on four continents without an accident, I feel that I am in a position to assess whether or not an area is a safe place to fly.

If I am excluded from flying over that area, I'm afraid I will not be flying at Shannon again.
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Re: HEFA Field Renewal - 2018

New postby the-mailman on Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:22 pm

Great to hear. Look forward to continued flying.
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