Long Weekend - August 4/5/6, 2018

Do you plan on flying? If so, let other members know the details.

Long Weekend - August 4/5/6, 2018

New postby bdg on Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:31 am

SATURDAY was another great day. Good turnout at the field, light winds, and HOT.

  • Ron was up again on the club Apprentice. He is ready for the next step and we configured his own Apprentice - bound it to his Dx6e transmitter, set-up the channels, added some expo, etc. and then configured a wireless trainer to our club Dx5. A great flight. On landing, we noted that the clevis for the front wheel was broken - an easy fix with parts readily available from MSC. Then he will be up again. Maybe one more flight with the buddy box and then moving to a full solo with someone beside him. The sim has really helped. Well done, Ron!
  • Ivan was at the field with a new flying wing. We were able to get this up quite easily and it flew great! Nice size too!
  • Ivan also had a new Phantom 4 drone/quadcopter. We were able to get that airborne as well. We made sure that the compass calibration was completed and then were able to fly around the field. Quite an aircraft!
  • Murray was at the field with three of his grandchildren. Hard to believe that he is old enough to have grandchildren! I was hoping to get them up on the trainer but they were gone before I had the chance.
  • Gaetan and Rick were up again with Rick's Fun Cub for more training. Progressing nicely - and different than a Mavic Pro! Thanks, again, Rick for helping out with the training!
  • Nice to see Gary back at the club and flying!
  • Seemingly long-lost member Louis was back after not only breaking a finger in the early spring but NOW A THUMB. Don't let him handle your tools! ;) Nice to see that WildCat back in the air!

Some general news:
  • Have you hear the noises coming from Tuft's Cove? Maybe the sound of a gunshot, whistle, or other loud noise? They had an oil leak (suggested as <5000 liters.... :( ) and are trying to keep birds away with the noises. An article from the Chronicle Herald: http://thechronicleherald.ca/metro/1588 ... tufts-cove and from Haligonia: https://haligonia.ca/update-on-oil-rele ... on-244951/.
  • As you know, Bob S has been mowing the lawn at SP this season. It is the best that it has ever been and his attention to this is amazing. That said, we are trying to extend the mowing from weekly to bi-weekly. So you will notice that the grass is just a little longer than it has been.

SUNDAY - rain! I believe that this will keep everyone away. But we definitely need the rain!

MONDAY - looking great! With the long weekend (for many), we anticipate another good turn out. See you there!
Oil containment Booms at Tuft's Cove
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Re: Long Weekend - August 4/5/6, 2018

New postby retiredVTT on Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:03 pm

After "Early Morning Rain" on Sunday, the sky's cleared around 11am and I headed to the field to find Bob, Ian, and another new member doing their thing. We flew for a couple hours before returning home. An hour later the heavens really opened up and we had a straight down dump of rain, all good for the lawns..!
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Re: Long Weekend - August 4/5/6, 2018

New postby bdg on Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:12 pm

Well.... WHAT A DAY! Another great one for the record books. Hot and light winds.

Good turn-out of members on this fine day.

Lots more training too:
  • Shelley was up for 3 flights on the Apprentice. Her skills improved tremendously with each flight and there was even a landing at the end.
  • Taylour (neighbour / friend of Steve W) was up for 2 flights and did amazingly well - even with some loops, aileron rolls, take-off and landing.
  • We were able to set-up Steve W's Stryker on a buddy box so that Murray could give it a try - and (of course) he handled it amazingly well.
  • Gaetan and Rick were up on Rick's Fun Cub and there were some landings! Way to go!
We are hoping for a BBQ on August 11 - more to follow. Bring your family!

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