**SOLD! Parkzone Extra 300

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**SOLD! Parkzone Extra 300

New postby bdg on Sun May 06, 2018 5:41 pm

I have been holding onto this plane for too long. It has not flown for several years and really had limited flights on it - and I am hopeful that someone else will be able to enjoy this and to stretch their flying to the next level. Meant as an introduction to Sport Flying, this Extra 300 comes with all of the components as shown in the pictures:
    Main plane including the following:
    - Fuselage
    - Power 15 Brushless Motor
    - 30 A ESC with integrated ESC
    - Propellor
    - AR600 Receiver

    Also included are many many spare parts - new in the box and - never used!:
    - (1) complete wing set c/w servos
    - (2) spare cowls
    - (1) spare wheel pants (I removed these as they tended to catch in the longer grass
    - (1) Propellor
    - (1) Landing gear plate
    - (1) Landing gear side mount - only one side

I recall that the plane landed fast... but that could have been the result of my earlier inexperience and comparative difficulties in handling such a plane. I recall setting up flaperons which helped a lot.

There are a few small heat bubbles on the very top of the tail... a light was too close when it was in the rack. No issue from what I can discern structurally and certainly limited cosmetically as well.

Horizon Hobby main webpage:

Check out these flight videos:

It is always tough to link a cost to a plane such as this, along with all of the spare NEW parts. But I think that a $165 price tag is a decent overall compromise for everyone. Just look at the parts:
    - 6-channel genuine Spektrum Receiver - $55 CDN
    - 30A ESC - listed at $60 on the HH site; probably $25US=$35 CDN from HK for a Plush
    - Power 15 motor: $75 list on HH site; probably $25US=$35 CDN from HK
    - Spare wings: Listed at $49 CDN on HH - no longer available - but interestingly enough the spare wings are still available at HH but w/o servos.
    - Total of these components alone is $175 CDN... and that is before the other parts to keep you in the air!
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Re: Parkzone Extra 300 - For Sale

New postby bdg on Sat May 12, 2018 3:51 pm

I located the battery charger that came with the plane.... this, too, is included with the purchase.

Worth $40 CAD??? Seems like a lot... but this adds to the overall package value!!!

https://www.horizonhobby.com/2-3-cell-d ... er-pkz1040
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