Computer Power Supply Conversion

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Computer Power Supply Conversion

New postby saboo on Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:14 am

Simple directions to convert a computer power supply for a battery charger power supply.

Ideally you will get a power supply that has a rocker switch on the back. This means that once built, the power cord can be plugged in and the switch used to turn the device on or off. Otherwise you will have to unplug the cord as the switch.

Open case.

There is a large bundle of wires coming out the back. Unsolder all power wires from the main board except 2 Yellow, 3 Black, 1 Red, and the 1 green.

Solder the green to a ground pad after cutting the length to suit. The black wires are coming from ground pads. This enables the power supply.

Solder 1 Red to the center of a single filament automotive tail light bulb. Solder 1 Black to the brass base of the same bulb. Leave the wires long enough so you can wrap the base in black tape and mount the bulb in the hole where all the wires used to come out. This is the dummy load needed on the 5 Volt rail. It also acts as the indicator light.

Decide where you are going to mount the Red and Black receptacles. Cut 2 yellow and 2 black wires to a length to suit.

Drill holes and mount the receptacles. Use a meter to check that neither are shorted to the case.

Solder a single Yellow wire to each of the Red jack receptacles.

Solder a single Black wire to each of the Black jack receptacles.

So now there is a single wire to each of the receptacles.

Make sure that no wires are bare or shorting.

Plug in power cord.

Light should come on.

Should be 12 volts across a Red and Black jack receptacle.

Pull plug.

Assemble the case again.

Retest output.

Charge your batteries.
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