Pulsar crash

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Pulsar crash

Unread post by AndrewS » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:13 am

As some of you are aware... I had a pretty serious crash of my Pulsar on Sat.
Prelim investigation would indicate the elevator push rod came unattached.
I would like to say thanks the John O, John L, Rick and Brian for their assistance in the search and recovery.

Also John O'Sullivan gets a big thank you for his offer to undertake the repairs on the center section and pod.
Glass and other composites are a little beyond my realm of experience.

John is very confident that my Pulsar, like his, will fly again.

Andrew Smith,
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Re: Pulsar crash

Unread post by JohnOSullivan » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:03 pm

I have started repairs on Andrew's Pulsar;
The carbon/Kevlar leading edge sheeting has been tack glued with CA and a reinforcement inner lining of 2 oz Kevlar has been added. Now I need to add some internal leading edge ribs and unidirectional carbon spar reinforcement to the front of the spar. Then pre moulded carbon capping on the spars top and bottom and glue the whole thing together. Then the carbon web at the back of the spar.
then the rear portion of the wing can be re-jigged into place and five carbon capped ribs put into place. Once this is done the the full centre panel is ready for covering.
Also worked on the fuselage pod which was snapped just behind the pylon wing mount, The one advantage with Kevlar that unlike carbon or Glass it will NOT tear, but the epoxy matrix will shatter. Well after jigging the boom in place, I flooded the Kevlar moulding with CA and it stiffened it up. I then wrapped the broken area with 2 oz Kevlar. A couple of years ago I bought some 3" wide heat shrink from HobbyKing and never had a use for it. I found that by slipping it over the kevlar repair and heat shrinking , it produced a very smooth repair joint. You learn something new every day!!
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