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New postby Enforcer on Fri May 15, 2009 12:00 am

I have been doing some research for setting up my DX6i for use with the Apprentice. As most of you know, the Apprentice RTF comes with the DX5e and I have used this, in conjunction with the DX6i, as a trainer box. I hope what I am about to say makes sense! ;)

The DX5e is not programmable like the DX6i. So, when using the DX5e bound to the Apprentice, you set the throws by hand (outside holes for newbies like me). The DX5e has a Dual Rate switch. As, I mentioned earlier, each rate mode is "preset" at the factory. And, since the folks at E-flite have sold a lot of these planes to new fliers (and some old fliers) and everyone is happy with the way it flies, than I guess the guys at E-flite have done their homework.

OK, if I now bind the DX6i to the Apprentice, and use the DX5e as the trainer box, would I not want the control surfaces to be set exactly the same? Well, what I have done this evening is just that. Here is what I setup on the DX6i which is now bound to the Apprentice...

I set the TRAVEL ADJustments (digital throws?) to 100% across the board.

I set the Low Rate "1" to:

AILE 1 65% + 15%
ELEV 1 60% + 15%
RUDD 1 60% INH

I set the High Rate "0" to:

AILE 0 85% + 30%
ELEV 0 100% + 30%
RUDD 0 80% INH

With these settings, the control services remain constant (the same) when using either transmitter (when toggling the trainer switch). Although, I do have to add a bit of left aileron trim and a bit of down rudder trim when the DX6i has control. Not sure why? Anyone have any ideas?

Anyway, the next time I'm at the field, perhaps you folks can come over and take a look. Always better to have a "visual" check I say!

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